Abbot 住持


法師出生於台灣,一九九四年於美國加州大學畢業後,回台禮星雲大師落髮出家,又於佛光山叢林學院進修畢業。法師曾擔任佛光山叢林學院男眾佛學院主任,並在 佛學研究及講學方面,專長於中觀哲學思想, 曾開課指導《入中論》、《大智度論》、及《菩提資糧論》等課程。現任菩薩寺住持。二OO八年於大陸深圳弘法寺,得禪門泰斗本換老和尚傳法,成為臨濟宗四十 五代傳人。

Venerable Master Hueiguang was born in Taiwan. After graduating from the University of California, San Diego in 1994, he left the pursuance of a career in medicine and vowed to practice the Dharma in order to propagate the noble teachings for the ultimate benefit of all sentient beings.

After Venerable Hueiguang renounced his layman livelihood, he completed his monastic training at Ts’ung Lin University in Taiwan under the guidance of the renowned Venerable Master Hsing Yun of Fo Guang Shan (FGS). Gradually, he evolved into a more prominent role as the dean of the Male Buddhist College in FGS where he tenured for more then fifteen years. In December 25 of 2008, Venerable Hueiguang received the Dharma Transmission from Venerable Master Ben Huan at Hongfa Temple in Shenzhen, China, as the 45th generation lineage holder of the Linchi Ch’an (Renzai Zen) School.

At present, Venerable Hueiguang is the Abbot of IBS temple in Taiwan as well as the President of the IBS non-profit association in the United States. He is also serving as the guiding master of the Bodhisattva Dharma Pitaka Association while continuing his diligent and dedicated pursue and propagation of the Dharma teachings.